Married To Bravo Episode 9 – Two Weeks Notice

In this episode, Joleen & Xchel start off in a fight. Yay marriage! They quickly resolve their issue with a technique any couple’s therapist would be proud of…aka the “Same page” method. When all is right in the Hernandez marriage again, they answer some fan mail about ball rejuvenation…is it a thing? You’ll find out. Joleen explains how she saved Xchel during a hike on Runyon Canyon. Then they break down episode 9 where the housewives are back in the Bezerkshires and are constantly at risk of burning down the house by starting fires in inactive fireplaces and sharing all their dirt on Tom with LuAnn who couldn’t care less because they’re going skiing. Duh. Joleen & Xchel have fun reenacting a few of this episode’s best scenes. *spoiler alert* Joleen plays an amazing drunk Ramona. It’s so succulent! Enjoy!

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