M2B Atlanta Season 10 Episode 3 – Chateau Get Down

So we’ve finally ventured into Real Housewives of Atlanta territory. However, Xchel has expressed that he can only do 2 seasons of the housewives at a time so Joleen has enlisted the help of her friend and fellow comedian, Jason Webb to be her RHOA correspondent. Jason is perfect for the job because A. She met him in Atlanta. B. He’s Southern. And C. Like Xchel, he is not a fan of Bravo. However, Joleen hopes to make him one!

In this second episode, Joleen and Jason are getting down with the get down in this 70’s themed episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. NeNe is back and we are here for it! Sheree takes a brief break from bone collecting and finds her inner “Who gon check me boo” again. NeNe and Greg get some scary news about Greg’s health. Porsha plans to open a salon with no business plan. NeNe’s son wants to be a comedian and we explain why NeNe may not bet he one to show him how. Kenya is getting it in to the point where she needs an ice pack. Cynthia finds herself a hottie. Kandi’s friend chooses insurance over her Kandi-coated nights. Jason plays marry, bang, dump for the first time and we reveal the best 70’s dressed of the episode. Enjoy!

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