Don’t Call Kanye Crazy

Moody Gurl

It may sound crazy, but we shouldn’t be calling Kanye West crazy. After being placed on a 5150 hold (an involuntary psychiatric hold) at UCLA Medical Center and then released into an outpatient facility, people have taken to social media to label him as crazy. The day Kanye was admitted to the hospital, I even heard a Los Angeles radio DJ introduce the next song by saying, “No Kanye joke, but this is Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy.” Despite Kanye’s antics through the years, labeling him as crazy during a period of mental crisis is irresponsible and disrespectful to everyone who lives with mental illness. Instead of placing Kanye under the blanket of insanity, we should let our compassion speak louder than our judgement. Judgement that continues to perpetuate a devastating stigma around mental illness.

As someone with bipolar disorder and someone who spent time in the hospital in late 2008 because…

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