I’m Sorry This Affects You Too

This is what I said.

Moody Gurl

As someone with anxiety and manic depression, I realize that this not only affects me, but the people around me as well. Knowing this is why many of us seclude ourselves when we are going through a rough patch.

If you’ve never felt this way it’s hard to understand, but some days it just seems impossible to get out of bed. Standing, showering, smiling, eating and leaving the house all seem like the most difficult of tasks. There have been people in my life who don’t understand. I’ve been told, “Just get up, get dressed and get out of the house.” That’s all fine and well, if only it were that easy. Our inability to just “shake it off,” can lead others to become frustrated and feel as though we’re choosing to be difficult.

I would never choose to be this way. No one would. I try to explain it…

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