The BEST Facebook Status Updates of the week…

These are the BEST Facebook Status Updates for the week of Oct 24th -Oct 31st. Enjoy! Want to make the list? Well then, send me your updates. Don’t be tardy for the status party.


1. (Name) ‘s husband is cheating on me with an NSYNC poster and it’s tearing up my heart.

2. (Name) is wondering when it’s appropriate to tell someone their cleavage is distracting? Not because it’s particularly attractive, but because it’s like really long.

3. (Name) thinks Llamas make great friends and lovers.

4. (Name) if I put hand sanitizer on my eye balls will it protect me from the uggos?

5. (Name) took two girls home after the party last night! My mother-in-law and a woman who claimed to get my great-aunt, but I still spit some game.

6. (Name) thinks Laffy Taffys aren’t funny until somebody gets hurt.

7. (Name) lost my cell phone last night, but found it in my braces this morning.

8. (Name) DOES SO HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!  In Second Life. So suck on that haters!

9. (Name) eats because it’s easier than making friends.

10. (Name) was in love with a stripper until she saved up that money, quit and got herself her GED. I don’t like my ladies being able to read and stuff.

a what

I’m sorry, but I’m not comprehending what you are saying…can you talk slower and with some lipstick on?

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