Pale Observations…of a Tan World

As Summer quickly approaches and I prepare to be forced into a swim suit yet again, I sit reluctant. I cringe to think of hearing the same ol’ pale comments again like – “Wow you’re so white you’re glowing” or “Geez girl, get some sun” or “Are you Powder’s sister?” And with each comment I am forced to hold back my urge to throw sand in the mouths of each of these pale haters as they openly ridicule my skin tone.

I don’t mind being pale, and I think I will appreciate my skin tone more as I grow older and am spared from premature wrinkling. BUT, there’s always a but, it would be nice if people would just accept that some people either can’t tan or don’t want to. I know this is a novel idea, but let’s just drop this whole pale hate and move on! If I can accept the burning skin smell of those tan fanatics, can’t they accept the virginal smell of my creamy white complexion!?! Just because you may rub baby oil onto your skin before going out into the sun and I may vigorously rub an entire bottle of SPF 100 onto my skin that doesn’t make us completely different.  The pales and the tans should come together and learn from each other. Tans can learn that pale is not some kind of disgusting look of death and pales can learn that tanning fanatics (or technical tanners as I like to call them) aren’t as dumb and vain in life as they appear to be about the sun.

Oh no! I forgot my beloved SPF in my hotel room. This is the worst vacation ever!

1 thought on “Pale Observations…of a Tan World

  1. wow your blog is very interesting ……cool picture by the way LOL

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