3 thoughts on “Vote with your brain and not with your bible.

  1. Overall, this election has shown just how many ways there are to imply the “n-word’ without actually saying it. I don’t know–maybe there are people who actually believe Obama is a secret Muslim/person who wasn’t born in this country/hater of white people/terrorist/communist/antichrist and so on. For the most part, though, I think these are all ways of saying “he’s…y’know…different…nudge, nudge, wink wink…y’know…from us.” I actually find it rather refreshing when I hear reports of people at McCain and (mostly) Palin rallies being overtly racist, as at least they’re honest about what it is they hate about Obama, rather than talking about his middle name as if it really means something…..

  2. It’s not religion that needs to die, besides, everybody is religious, just not necessarily believing in God. It’s stupid chain letters that need to die, and whatever it is that makes people such pushovers for these forwards.

  3. Very nice article, saying something that lots of folks are afraid to say. But you know, anyone who thinks the answers are in the Bible is not interested in what you have to say. They’re interested in what God has to say.

    Jonathan Haidt, whose articles are on http://edge.org , recently wrote an article about why people vote for Republicans. He claims that what the Democrats fail to understand is that politics is more like religion (essentially group think and group values), than it is like shopping.

    George Will claims that conservativism is pure, and that progressives/liberals run the risk of being arrogant, in that they essentially say: “We can do better than you can in managing your interests.” Both interesting notions.

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