Stop hiding behind Jesus!

I heard a joke today from a self-proclaimed “religious man” that wasn’t funny. He built it up by asking “do you want to hear something really funny?” Being a person who lives to laugh, I responded, “always!” He told me of how he was making phone calls to persuade Arizona voters to vote YES on a proposition to “clearly” define marriage as one man and one woman (here we go again). He explained that he had called a woman and asked her to vote yes on Proposition 102. The woman then said “I plan on it” and asked, “isn’t that the law that prohibits the queers from voting?” He laughed outloud and looked at me and said “isn’t that hilarious?” I looked at him puzzled and replied, “not at all…if anything it’s really sad.” He then went into the typical erroneous argument for why marriage should only be between a man and a woman making sure that I knew “it goes against God and the sanctity of marriage.” In his predictable scare tactics he said “if we don’t clearly define marriage, people could marry their dogs.” Ah ha… then why don’t you just define marriage as between 2 PEOPLE? Isn’t that clearest definition possible? Why add in all the homophobia? (A special thank you to my good friend Katie for opening my eye’s to the PEOPLE definition).

This “joke” got me thinking…Is anyone else sick of the supposed “religious” or “God-fearing” individuals pawning judgement, hate and intolerance off on Jesus and what he would do? I am!

Feel free to believe in whatever you want to believe, but don’t push your interpretation of the Bible, God, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Muhammad, L Ron Hubbard, etc – off onto me or anyone else. This means that I don’t want to hear you quote and manipulate certain passages from your bible or other religious doctrine just to make it okay to pass judgement on what YOU believe to be “wrong.”  

And if you are referring to Jesus or what he would do, wasn’t Jesus the most understanding, tolerant and dare I say, LIBERAL man that ever lived!?! And not liberal in the sense that he’d vote for Obama or even vote for that matter, but liberal in the sense of what the word means – broad-minded and open-handed.  

Growing up, I was raised in a religion that seemed to pride itself on passing judgement and taking names. I was told Jesus wouldn’t approve of this and Jesus would punish me for that. I was told all of this from men and women who had created their own religious agenda. I was raised to fear rather than to understand or even think about. This I’ll never understand…

Today, I don’t presume to know the answers of the universe or beyond, but I do know that anyone who claims to be a person of faith or religious is liar if they then enjoy passing judgement and acting as some sort of spiritual decision maker when it comes to what is right and wrong in “God’s eyes.”

When will people open their own eyes (pardon the cliche, but really)? Just because you were raised to believe one thing, that doesn’t mean everyone else was. We are just people. We live. We laugh. We cry. We love. We die.  It’s been happening longer than most people care to fathom. There is a whole awesome universe out there that will far surpass you, your life and your religious views. That’s not saying that what we do on this Earth doesn’t matter because it does. We affect each other, we know that. In knowing that, why then go out of your way to destroy the quality of life of another? We can give up our selfish desires, egos and hatred and still live. I’m not saying that we could ever be perfect or that this is at all easy for me to do, but we can all strive to be “good” people.

Being a good person shouldn’t be defined by your political, spiritual, financial, or social standing. It’s not some competition to see which group can prove to be in better favor or knowledge of God. It’s not something that should be manipulated like that. If you want to be a good person, BE GOOD TO PEOPLE. It’s that simple. It’s not about pushing legislation to inhibit the lives of others who aren’t hurting anyone. It’s not about converting. It’s not about interpreting your God’s word. It’s not about politics. It’s not about money. It’s not about restriction. It’s not about fear. It’s not about anger.

It’s time to quit hiding behind your religion and consider the universe. Consider that there is so much more out there than you…and burn those awful bracelets because YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT JESUS WOULD DO!

Don’t be scared of the unknown…

4 thoughts on “Stop hiding behind Jesus!

  1. Great post! Good to see other skeptics out there questioning those christians who are hell-bent on passing judgement while praying to Jesus.

  2. I thought this video might be something you’d like. It’s short. Check it out :-)

  3. The Bible has been used both for and against slavery, for and against war, for and against rights for women, for and against rights for gays, and guess what? Everybody has been right. It’s all in there–Jesus tells people to love their neighbors, to give up their possessions, to be kind and gentle, and, in other places, God tells people to slaughter, enslave, even rape their neighbors, gives instructions on how to sell one’s daughters into slavery, and even has a “righteous man” offer up his children to be raped by a bloodthirsty mob. People on all sides of the political fence need to get past fundamentalist readings of the Bible, recognize it as a book written by a number of men over a long period of time, and compiled by other men, with all kinds of personal, political, and spiritual agendas. There is good stuff in there, and there is very bad stuff. There are also good interpretations of the good stuff, and bad interpretations (i.e. seeing the Garden of Eden story as a metaphor for the loss of innocence we all go through vs. seeing it as literal, highly misogynistic history). Ultimately, it’s up to every person’s conscience to decide which is which. As James Baldwin wrote, “if a concept of God has any validity or any use, it can only be to make us larger, freer, and more loving. If God cannot do this, then it is time we got rid of him.” I’m not saying that we necessarily need to do that, but we definitely need to get passed the idea that “God’s will” is encapsulated, beyond question, in any ancient text.

    Anyway, I like your blog. Hope I haven’t overstayed my welcome in the comments section.

  4. Christians once again proving they’re not only mentally insane, but also proving they’re almost as funny as Sarah Palin. Btw, Sarah Palin isn’t close to funny.

    This is why I don’t believe in a god. I have many gay friends, probably some of the most genuine people you could meet.

    This is what happens when child molesting priests get a thirst for voicing their opinions.


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