Your body’s eating itself…that’s hot!

Is anyone else sick of watching stick figures pretending to be “actresses” on television?

When did it become more important for our entertainers to be UBER thin than for them to be well, entertaining? Monday night I was watching MTV’s The Hills because yes, I am one of those sad individuals who despite the fact that the show is fake, full of reality “actors” and makes me cry a little inside, I’m hooked. I guess despite my complaints about the show’s brief episodes, starved stars and overall ridiculousness, I secretly want to be them! Everyone on The Hills is making thousands of dollars an episode to party, pretend to work at fun jobs in fashion and music, and well just be super skinny. While I’m forced to sit at a desk all day and do actual work. It just makes me wonder, why can’t I live The Hills life?

Monday night’s episode was another super brief look into the ongoing feud between Speidi and Lauren Conrad (I think these episodes now run around 20 minutes each, which is pretty amazing since some of the cast members make up to $100,000 an episode). Each time I watch shows like The Hills, I am reminded that in TV Land, my healthy BMI and normal weight is considered to be morbidly obese. But it hasn’t always been this way.

I am old enough to remember the days when women could actually relate to television actresses, back when they ate more than just lettuce and laxatives. Remember The Facts of Life? That entire cast was full of female actresses who were very successful and yet still found time to consume food. I never once contemplated the possibility that Natalie, Toodie, Blair or Jo’s bodies could be eating themselves due to starvation, but today, that’s all I can think about when I watch television.  I wish television could go back to presenting semi-normal looking women.  However, it’s not just the women. Men in the entertainment industry today are expected to either look manorexic or as though they live at the gym. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about being entertained by attractive people, but when did emaciated become attractive. And when did a six-pack on a man turn into a 12-pack?

Basically, all I’m saying is that actors and actresses on television and in the movies today could definitely benefit from some carbohydrates, a few acting lessons and a little back fat.

(Eating doesn’t get you paid and make you a star in The Hills)

(Must be between 60-85 pounds to ride this fashion train)

pic from

(Sometimes my heart stops, my bones break and my hair falls out, but it’s better than being fat)

1 thought on “Your body’s eating itself…that’s hot!

  1. Not to mention the new version of 90210 skeletons that have rocked the CB for the last month or so. They are so painfully and ridiculously skinny that I wonder how their legs hold up their bodies. I saw two of those 90210 stars on the cover of USWeekly with an estimated weight of ah about 100 pounds. One girl is actually 5’8 and (though an estimation) is approx 105 pounds. I think back when 90210 (the real show) when it first appeared in the 90’s, I was in 5th grade. I remember how ubber sexy and stylish they were and how I wanted to be them. Nowadays I dread what 5th grades must think when they see these ultra skinny girls on tv. I hope they don’t want to be them, but realistically that is exactly what they are thinking and replicating. This is a sad culture that has transpired. Thank you media/news/tv/movie/hollywood for taking no responsibility in having a LARGE hand in this bulimic/aneroxic world are children are growing up in. Its truly sick and you should be ashamed.

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