What exactly does the VP do?

John McCain has named Alaskan Governor, Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate. However, it seems that Palin is a bit confused as to what this job entails. In an interview, Palin suggests that she is looking for someone to explain to her “what is it exactly that the VP does everyday…” Hmm…wouldn’t this have already been explained to a VP candidate who McCain claims to have been considering for quite some time now? Or could it be because his selection was a last minute attempt to build up some Hillary Clinton-like momentum…

Many see the selection of Palin for VP a strategic move by the McCain campaign to possibly secure some of the supposed undecided and disenchanted women voters that Hillary left behind. I agree with this assessment. Unfortunately, McCain is grossly underestimating American women. Contrary to the belief of his campaign, we as women don’t just vote for other women because of some vagina alliance. It may be hard to believe, but most of us actually look at issues, values, and the future of the United States when making our choice. Unfortunately for McCain, I believe (and hope) that his choosing Palin will backfire on his campaign.

However, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it has less to do with Palin being a woman and more to do with her being the governor of a state where Republicans offer up lies and a smoke screen “solution” to the current state of oil and high gas prices.

Republicans vehemently continue pumping Americans full of oil propaganda by claiming that we can lower gas prices and reduce our dependence on foreign oil by offshore drilling in Alaska.  Sadly, this is just their way to distract Americans from what’s really going on. Currently, oil companies have approximately 68 million acres of land that they pay to lease, but refuse to drill on. Why is that exactly? Why would an oil company pay for land that did not have oil? The answer is simple: THEY WOULDN’T! Oil companies are in control right now. As long as the public believes we are in an “oil crisis,” oil companies can make the rules and set the prices. The last thing oil companies want is for the United States to be independent from foreign oil. Instead, they hold the federal lands that they lease hostage. These lands remain untouched, yet I don’t hear McCain asking any questions regarding this…talk about special interests! Instead, McCain continues to blame our country’s dependence on foreign oil on those pesky naturalists, environmentalists and Democrats who would just like them to drill on this leased federal land already. Basically, this debate exists to disguise the fact that there exsists plenty of land that COULD AND SHOULD be drilled on. And while we debate, oil companies get richer.

One representative from the United States House introduced a bill that would help solve this problem. The bill creates a “use it or lose it” when it comes to the land that oil companies are leasing and leaving untouched. House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Nick J. Rahall (D-WV) introduced a bill with the hope that it would free up the 68 million acres of federal lands and allow for other companies to drill on it. According to Rahall, “Big Oil, as many Americans already suspect, are perfectly fine with high gasoline prices at the pump while they hold back domestic production on federal leases and enjoy world record profits.  I am calling them on the carpet. I am calling their bluff.  We are not going to continue to allow them to speculate and profiteer with public resources to the detriment of the American people.”

Again it comes down to this, oil companies would not waste their time and money PAYING FOR land if there were no oil. That would be bad business right? However, it’s good business for them to prolong this oil crisis. Republicans and oil companies instead offer up the “solution” of offshore drilling, which is unnecessary when there already exists so much leased and untouched federal land.

Sarah Palin and John McCain will not help the United States lower gas prices and end this unnecessary oil crisis. They will only find their niche deeper in the pockets of big business, insurance companies and oil companies.   Corporations should not drive our politics and legislation. When will we stop allowing big business to get rich at the expense of the majority of Americans?

Things Sarah hates:

choice, women’s rights, lowered gas prices, poor people, sex education, birth control and the environment.

I’m sure the oil companies are just paying for  68 million acres of land for fun! They just love to waste time and money!

Bottom Line:It makes NO sense to drill offshore when oil companies have all this land ready and waiting. Let’s drill the oil company’s land first and then we can go from there.  And McCain’s selection of Palin is just another sign that he is not only out of touch, but will continue to drive the United States down the Bush detour of the past 8 years. Women can do better! Men can do better! And America can do better!

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  1. You made certain fine points there. I did a search on the issue and found mainly persons will have the same opinion with your blog.

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